Custom Instruments

Freenotes Company proudly introduces our custom instrument offerings. Below you will find personalized Wing scales, custom tuning frequencies, and specific special designs.

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Custom Wings

Produced for over 25 years, Wings represent Freenotes’ preeminent product. Custom crafted Wings may benefit professional performers, sound healers or amateur musicians alike.

Personalized Wing Scales

Our new Wing architecture allows us to mix and match notes into custom arrangements with any scale imaginable. Our range of notes extends from A below middle C (A4) to E two octaves and a major third above middle C (E6). Arrangements can vary from 1 to 32 notes, joined or separate.

Custom Tuning Frequencies

We tune all our instruments to 440hz, but that doesn’t limit you. We can build any of our instruments in 444hz, 432hz or other tunings such as just intonation.


Custom Wings cost $40 per note. They come with a pair of mallets.


The Pegasus

The Pegasus divides the diatonic scale into the major and minor pentatonic scales of C Major and A minor. This empowers easy demonstration of the differing harmonic features of the major and minor notes. It allows modulation from major to relative minor during play, without having to memorize intricate chord progressions. A Minor is the scale on the left side and C Major is on the right.
As a stunning art piece and amazing musical instrument, the Pegasus astounds both listeners and viewers.

The Pegasus costs $795. It has 23 notes and comes with 4 mallets.



Chromatic Wing set

The Chromatic scale covers all 12 of the available pitches in Western Music used since the Middle Ages. Accordingly, the Chromatic Wing enables playing from sheet music, emulating common music by ear, and composing.

Freenotes Chromatic arrangement in our Wing architecture offsets the sharps and flats above and behind the natural notes. The sharps and flats are joined together as a unit, likewise for the naturals. The two units fit together in a piano-like arrangement of sharps and naturals. The range extends from A below middle C (A4) to E two octaves and a major third above middle C (E6).

The Chromatic Wing costs $1400. There are 32 notes and it comes with a pair of both normal and felt covered mallets.



Diatonic Wing set

The diatonic scale covers all the natural notes, 5 whole steps and 2 half steps per octave. These equate to the white keys on a modern musical keyboard. The diatonic scale shines in learning environments and plays many folk songs. It provides more musical freedom than the complex chromatic scale. The notes in the diatonic wing comprise the C major / A minor scale.

The range extends from A below middle C (A4) to E two octaves and a major third above middle C (E6).

The Diatonic Wing set cost $675. It has 19 notes and comes with a pair of mallets.


Custom Bass Octaves

The Bass Octave creates a rich canvas of low tones that harmonize with the melodic Wing.

We configure Bass Octaves in custom arrangements and frequencies just like our custom Wings including a Chromatic version. The pitch range extends from (A3) to (E4). Arrangements may vary from 1 to 19 notes, joined or separate. Due to their size, please consider playing space and ease of transport when imagining your custom bass octave.


Custom Bass Octave arrangements cost $90 per note and come with 2 mallets.