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What is a Pentatonic Scale?

A pentatonic scale is a musical scale with five notes per octave. The pentatonic scale is perfect for improvisation because all the notes sound good together. This allows the player to make their own music. One familiar pentatonic scale is easily seen in the black keys of a piano.

What is a Diatonic Scale?

A diatonic scale has seven notes per octave. The most familiar diatonic scale is seen in the white keys of a piano. This is the C Major Diatonic.

What is a Chromatic Scale?

The Chromatic Scale is most easily understood as all the keys of a piano. It is set of 12 pitches and include sharps / flats.

How durable are Freenotes?

There are 3 major components to Freenotes Wings and Bass Octaves our most popular designs.

  1. The aluminum keys are nearly indestructible. You would likely need a power tool or intentionally use great force to damage the bars.
  2. The bodies of our instruments, which are joined resonators are like other plastic items we use every day. Dropping the instrument onto hard ground could crack or break the plastic. Extreme heat like in a car on a hot day can warp or misshape the plastic.
  3. The rubber pads that hold the bars up over the resonators are subject to tearing or wearing out over time. We’ve seen pads that last on Freenotes for 10 years and we have pads that wear out sooner, perhaps two years. We have added replacement pad kits to our shopping cart. They are very inexpensive with most of the cost for shipping. Watch our pad repair video in our tutorial section if you’d like to see the process of replacing pads on Freenotes instruments.

What is your return policy?

Freenotes stands behind the quality of our products. If special circumstances dictate, we may modify the guidelines below.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please use the contact us on our website. We will refund your purchase in full (minus shipping). You will have to ship the instrument back to us. Ninety-day limit.

If your instrument arrives broken or defective, please contact us. We will refund your purchase in full (including shipping) or ship you a replacement. This may include a request for you to return the damaged instrument. We would include a prepaid (by us) return label. Thirty-day limit.

Do you ship internationally?


In the past we have used USPS for international shipments. Our shopping cart wouldn’t process these orders though. Customers would contact us for a shipping quote, and we’d conduct the sale through email.

With our new website we will be trying to take international shipments through our shopping cart. We’ll use FedEx. We’re excited to see how this new process will work. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss an international order.

Where do I find information or support for outdoor musical instruments?

Visit Freenotes Harmony Park if you are looking for help with outdoor, playground musical instruments.

Bars came off my instrument and I’ve lost them; do you sell replacement bars?

Yes, we sell replacement bars. Please contact us and include a picture of your instrument in your email.

Do you repair instruments? I’d prefer to have you do the work.

Yes, please contact us and include a picture if possible. We charge $50 for most repairs, plus shipping both ways.

I want to play music with 2 Wings. Which Wings sound good together?

We recommend the following pairs of Wings – A minor and C major, A minor and G major or D minor and C Major.