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Beautiful Music Made Simple….

Freenotes are unique, custom made, handcrafted musical instruments that are easy to play & offer interactive fun for beginners & experts alike. If you’ve ever wished you could play music, now you can. The tones are pure & soothing and there are no wrong notes!

Music is a language anyone can learn intuitively, & Freenotes percussion instruments are designed to be easy to play & enjoyable. Many musical instruments are difficult to play and the scale systems too complex for untrained musicians. With Freenotes musical instruments, music becomes simple enough for anyone to play — with no training! The proof is in your ears — listen & hear for yourself.

Freenotes music instruments are so easy to play they allow anyone to create enchanting music. These beautifully designed percussion instruments are the perfect first instrument for both children and adults. Freenotes musical instruments are being used in school music education, outdoor parks, music therapy & community centers & they are a great family activity as well. Try them & hear for yourself.

Freenotes music instruments have no wrong notes!